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GRUPORED International is a company oriented to the creation of commercial, financial, technological and human resources solutions, to satisfy the growth needs of individual clients, as well as medium-sized and large companies.

Our head office is located in United States and has subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Spain.

Today, it counts with various business units: Vehicles NETWORK, Housing NETWORK, Banking NETWORK and Consulting NETWORK. With a long-term view, these networks were created under standards which are oriented to the improvement of people’s quality of life and to the contribution of businesses development.

Thus, GRUPORED International provides the opportunity to access to home and automobile ownership, a wide line of credits, personal and professional coaching, legal advice through strategic partnerships for the corporate and business immigration, as well as medium and high complexity software development.

  • The Vehicles NETWORK is the business unit of GRUPORED Internacional that makes vehicles of many different types of brands, whether new or used, available to the public. It also includes agricultural machinery through the purchasing plans that are completely convenient, transparent, and predictable.

    To this date, more than 1,500 cars have been delivered, and we are advancing towards the goal of delivering 1,500 more.

  • The Housing NETWORK offers and administrates the purchase plan or the direct sale of modern or regular themed industrialized homes, and traditional homes. Our clients can choose from multiple designs and typologies to better suit their wants and needs.

    In addition, the Housing NETWORK permits its clients to pay in the currency of the country where they currently live in, and construct their home in any country that GRUPORED is found.

  • The Banking NETWORK is part of GRUPORED’s business unit that offers its clients personal loans to accomplish their commercial and professional goals. Since it is service oriented, it also offers home and auto loans directly related to the Housing and Vehicles NETWORK.

    In many countries, Banking NETWORK also offers the wire transfer of funds at a local and international level.

  • Consulting NETWORK is GRUPORED’s business unity, which is entirely dedicated to business, legal, technical, commercial and human resources consulting.

    Consulting NETWORK provides services of corporate and business immigration in United States through strategic partnerships. It has developed trainings which are oriented to both personal and professional improvement and development through seminars, courses and certifications led by internationally endorsed and renowned specialists. Besides, it provides a service of medium and high complexity software engineering.

Companies which form GRUPORED

  • Grupo Red International Corp.
  • Group Red International LLC
  • Red Agromóviles
  • Red Plan
  • Constructora Del Lazio
  • Banem
  • ABC Coaching
  • Init()· Software Engineering
  • Red Plan Veículos Brasil
  • Red Plan Multimarcas SL
  • Xtreme International Realty Group

These firms are organized and interact according to the different networks, providing their economic, technic and human capitals, besides their positioning, track record, know how and specific market outlooks.

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International Headquarters
175 SW 7th Street. Suite #1100 | Miami, Florida (33130)

5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd. Suite 300 | Orlando, Florida (32839)

Tel: +1 (877) 594 0216


Av. Colón 4320 esq. Sda. Familia | Córdoba Capital
0800 888 9337 (sólo en Argentina)
Tel.: +54 (0351) 485 0160/4367/0246


Av. das Américas 4200 Ed. Buenos Aires sala 609 Centro Empresarial Barra Shopping. CEP. 22.640-102 | Río de Janeiro. Brasil
Tel.: +55 (021) 3385-4304


World Trade Center (WTC) Ciudad de México. Montecito 38 Piso 29 Oficina 6 Col. Nápoles. C.P. 03810 | Ciudad de México
Tel.: +52 (55) 7587 9323


Condominio Millenium #22, Séptimo Anillo, Zona Norte. | Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
Tel.: +591 3 3434628


Avenida Chile, Cra 7 N° 71-21. N° 110231 | Bogotá, Colombia
Tel.: +57 1 325 1162 / +57 311 5660451


Mall del Sol, 4º piso de las Torres del Centro Comercial, Av. Joaquín Orrantia y Juan Tanca Marengo | Guayaquil
Tel. +593 4371 6600


Punta Pacífica, Torre Las Américas, Torre A, Piso 15. | Panamá, República de Panamá.
Tel.: +507 6477-4224 / 6439-7011


Calle Las Begonias 415, Torre Begonias, piso 10 | San Isidro, Lima.
Tel. +51 1 731 7218 / 986 384 792


Federico Geraldino 94. Plaza Alberto Forestieri I, Local 1B | Santo Domingo
Tel.: +1 (809) 9470418


Av. Francisco de Miranda, La California Norte, Centro Seguros La Paz, Ala Oeste, Pisos 8, Oficina N81E – Caracas
Tel.: +58 (212) 823 23 32 / +58 (212) 636 9678 / +58 (412) 630 9499


Calle Leganitos 47 (28013) | Madrid, España
Tel.: +34 (91) 794 58 21

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